What to do if your Interlock is Damaged or Stolen

If you have ever been convicted of a DUI (Driving Under the Influence), then you probably know the consequences that come with such an accusation. If you’re lucky, you can escape serious jail time and iron out the other issues the DUI has caused in your life. In Gilbert Arizona, DUI laws are a serious offense, and you could lose your license, forcing you to either take public transportation, spend extra money on cab drivers, or rely on family and friends to take you where you need to go.

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One consequence that some people may or may not know about is the use of an interlock device on your car. This device is essentially a car breathalyzer that operates in conjunction with your ignition. You simply breathe into it, and if you have been drinking, the interlock device will not let you start your car. This is a great device that lets you avoid jail time, and it keeps others and yourself safe from harm. The interlock device is the best way to prevent further financial and legal strain on you and your family.

Arizona Interlock provides the highest quality interlock devices for people who have been convicted of a DUI and have been sentenced to have an interlock device placed in their vehicle. With extravagant fines and legal fees, getting an interlock device can easily be the straw that breaks the financial camel’s back. So, you should definitely tread carefully when you go to pick up your keys after a long night of partying and drinking heavy amounts. Although Arizona Interlock is more cost effective than other sub contractors and offers a variety of different devices that fit your preference, if you have damaged or lost your interlock device, all responsibility falls on you.

When you have an interlock device placed in your car, you’ll want to make sure that no one else can access it. If you have somehow damaged your interlock device, you will need a new one immediately, so you will want to take care of your interlock device if only to keep the cost of your mistake from going up even more. Theft of interlock devices also occurs. It may seem uncommon, but it still happens. If your interlock device is damaged or stolen, you need to alert the authorities immediately. You are responsible for the care and continued use of your interlock device, and this can add up.
At Arizona Interlock, we excel at providing the best interlock devices and services. With our interlock device insurance, you won’t have to worry about your device being stolen or damaged. The insurance will cover the cost of the device, leaving you to get back on track with your life and make sure that you follow all of the steps to bettering yourself and keeping people out of harm’s way. But Arizona Interlock also offers a variety of different services to help you on your way to improving yourself.

Some interlock devices demand to record your alcohol levels periodically. These alerts can sometimes come as annoying, loud beeping noises to let you know when is time to check your levels again. But distractions can occur and this will prevent you from being able to check your levels when you are supposed to. Simple things like having the radio on too loud, or even having your windows rolled down can prevent you from hearing the device’s persistent alerts. With Arizona interlock, we offer an optional dashboard flash cube that will give you visual cues for when you need to check your alcohol levels.

stolen damaged interlock azAt Arizona Interlock, we are dedicated to providing you with the highest quality ignition interlock services in Gilbert available. With our exclusive insurance offers and dashboard flash cube, you will be able to put your DUI behind you in no time at all. With subcontractors and court appointed interlock services, you will be paying extravagant amounts of money to have an interlock device installed in your car. But with Arizona Interlock, we offer a coupon for a free installation and 35% off your first month. So come to Arizona Interlock for your ignition interlock device and put your DUI in the past. Call us today!

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