Possible Damage From A Faulty Interlock

Getting a DUI in Arizona means the implementation of a car breathalyzer in Mesa. Having an ignition interlock device installed in your vehicle can be costly and it can cause you a lot of stress in the future, but it is essential to getting past your DUI and moving on to a better life. Arizona holds some of the strictest driving laws in the country, and with these laws come hefty fines and interlock devices to be used in the vehicles of those convicted of a DUI. But what happens if your ignition interlock device is improperly installed and keeps you from being able to provide sufficient breath samples?

possible damage from a faulty interlock

If you have had an interlock device before or are currently using one, you know that you will have to make a monthly appointment to get your interlock device checked and for the data to be recorded and sent to the courts and prosecutors. This monthly appointment is to make sure that you have not tampered with the device in any way and that it is still in prime working condition so it can record your blood alcohol level appropriately. If your device is malfunctioning or is has been stolen somehow, it is your responsibility to get the device fixed immediately, or replace it. This is an important stipulation of your sentence with the ignition interlock device.

When you go in for your monthly appointment, a visual and mechanical inspection will be done. If the device is not performing up to code with your sentence, then the proper reports and guidelines will be sent to the right channels like the courts, the motor vehicle division, or another agency that is defined by the state’s law. If the reports are not being submitted to the device regularly, then it is up to the person convicted of the DUI to get the device fixed and prove that he or she has been driving and following the ignition interlock protocol that they have been sentenced with. If you do not get your ignition interlock device fixed as soon as possible and submit to the proper reporting, then this could result in a longer sentence for which to have the ignition interlock device in your vehicle. Sometimes these things malfunction for reasons unknown, so you have to take the responsibility to get it repaired or replaced. Failing to this could also result in license suspension or revocation.

If you damage your interlock device yourself and intentionally fail to get it repaired, using this as an excuse in court will not fly with the judge. Failing to provide appropriate breath samples during your interlock sentence, or circumventing the ignition interlock device through damaging or removing it are unfortunately common occurrences when claiming ignorance. This does not work with the courts, however, as you are still responsible for the device and providing clean samples during the duration of your sentence, so trying to find a way around it will not work. Maintaining the device is also your responsibility. You are the one who uses your own vehicle most often, so no one else should have to take care of the device. Even if your device has been installed poorly and prevents you from providing samples, that responsibility rests in your hands. Under no circumstances should you wait until your court day to tell the judge that your device hasn’t been installed correctly. This will not be a viable excuse and you could get fined, sent to jail, lose your license, or have an extended period of use for the ignition interlock device.

man blowing into faulty ignition interlock in mesa carIn short, when you are given the sentence of having an ignition interlock device placed in your car, it is your sole responsibility to take care of it and make sure no harm comes to it. For the best and most cost effective ignition interlock installations in Mesa and monthly appointments, come to Arizona Interlock, where we can provide you with top quality devices and reliable services for your DUI sentence. Making sure that you take the proper steps to put your DUI conviction behind you starts with Arizona Interlock. For 35% off of the first month of your interlock device, visit our website at ArizonaInterlock.com and contact us for more information.

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