What To Expect During Your Ignition Interlock Monthly Monitoring Appointment

If you have been convicted of a DUI in Arizona, then you have no doubt been sentenced to having an ignition interlock device placed in your vehicle. Arizona has some of the most strict driving laws in the country, so this is a common occurrence for DUI offenders. If you are a first time offender, there is a lot to learn about the driving laws and what penalties come with it, namely the ignition interlock device, which is essentially a Tucson car breathalyzer installed in your car that requires monthly monitoring to ensure that you do not break the DUI driving laws again. Here are some things you can expect during your monthly monitoring appointment for your ignition interlock.

What To Expect During Your Ignition Interlock Monthly Monitoring Appointment

When you go in for your monthly appointment for your ignition interlock device, plenty of things will happen. First, someone will inspect the device to make sure that it has not been tampered with and that it is in perfect working condition. The service technicians are trained to visually inspect the ignition interlock devices as well as inspecting the wiring. If your device passes the inspection, you should be in the clear. Interfering with the car breathalyzer could lead to more penalties and costly fines, as these devices are expensive to maintain and install.

The next thing that will happen during your monthly monitoring appointment is your ignition interlock device will be calibrated. This is to prevent inaccurate test samples from being taken by the device. The service technician will adjust the device until it is accurate. You will want the most precise readings possible because if it is off by too much or even just a little, there could be penalties you have to endure like a longer sentence and possible fines. There is also a monthly charge for the interlock device and this is an added expense as well. Often times, you will be forced to keep the interlock device for an extra year.

Another step that must be taken is the download of the information your interlock device has recorded over the last month in your possession. The way the interlock device works is that you have to blow into it and from there, it measures your blood alcohol levels. If there is any trace of alcohol on your breath or if it is above the limit the device is set to, your car will not start and you won’t be able to drive. If you believe it has recorded false data, you can try again, but if you have been drinking, your car is not going to move. Every time you breathe into the breathalyzer the data it receives is logged and recorded for future examination. Not only is data recorded when you breathe into it, but it keeps track of every time you pass the test, every time you fail the test, every time you start your car, and it also registers every time you try to bypass the device.

All of this information is downloaded and passed on to the court for review when you come in for your monthly appointment. It is also transferred and relayed to the necessary law enforcement officials, and to the DMV. Depending on what state you are in, the data could be relayed to different areas as well, but in Arizona, the three important ones are the most necessary. Although this seems like a complicated ordeal when managing the interlock device, having it serviced and maintained should not take more than fifteen minutes or so. Once everything is completed, all of the mandatory checks and calibrations, you will be in the clear to continue your sober driving habits for the next month.

tucson ignition interlock installerWhen you have been sentenced to keep an ignition interlock device in your vehicle as a means to keep you driving safely and soberly, let Arizona Interlock help you. With cost effective interlock devices and upkeep, we can help guide you to an alcohol free driving experience. With the strict DUI laws in Arizona, making sure that you get your life back on track is important. So for the fastest and most cost effective interlock device installations in Tucson, come to Arizona Interlock, and your satisfaction with our interlock installations and maintenance will be guaranteed. Contact us for more information.

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