Everything You Need To know About Ignition Interlock

Getting convicted of a DUI can be harsh and challenging. Along with costly fines, you may be sentenced to have an Chandler ignition interlock installation. In Arizona, we have some of the most harsh DUI penalties in the country. If you must have an ignition interlock device in Chandler installed in your vehicle, it could be extremely helpful for you to know all there is to know about these car breathalyzers. Who uses them? Who manufactures them? What are ignition interlock breathalyzers? And what are they used for? These are just a few of many questions that you may have about the ignition interlock device and its installation.

everything need know about ignition interlock

If you have ever been convicted of a DUI, then you are probably well aware of what an ignition interlock device is. An ignition interlock is essentially a breathalyzer for your car. You breath into it and if your Blood Alcohol Level exceeds a predetermined percentage, typically .02%, then you will not be able to start your car. An on-board data recorder is able to log this information and it can be reviewed periodically by the Arizona Courts. This is an extremely useful and common device for those who have been charged with a DUI. In Arizona, depending on the severity of the DUI you can be sentenced to having the interlock device in your car for upwards of one to two years at a time.

Ultimately, this device is designed to prevent the operation of a vehicle for people convicted of DUIs. Sometimes, they are used as a condition of probation for those who have repeat DUI convictions, but others, a simple interlock installation is the primary sentence for some offenders who have a slightly lower BAC upon interaction. Although an ignition interlock device is used mostly for those who have DUIs, there are plenty of other places and establishments that use them as well. They are not only for DUI offenders, but for companies and families, too.

If you are a concerned parent and you fear that your child may be driving home drunk from that college party, then considering installing an interlock device on the car they drive might be a good idea. This will prevent them from driving home drunk and either getting arrested, or possible injuring themselves and others around them. This is a frequent use of the interlock device, although it may seem uncommon. A lot of parents tend to be concerned about the state of their driving teen. Also another frequent use for the interlock device is commercial interlock use. Things like taxis, businesses where travelling in company vehicles is needed, and other driving platforms like Uber. In most of these cases, this is a voluntary system that can be placed in the the cars of drivers who have previously been convicted of a DUI. This ensures the safety of all those on the road and in the vehicle.

Once the ignition interlock device is installed on your vehicle, the device will sometimes require periodic breathalyzer tests to remain running. This is a countermeasure to keep the driver from drinking inside the car and while the car is in motion. If the driver fails to provide the samples for the breathalyzer, then the car will shut off after giving them a sufficient amount of time to pull over safely and get off the road. The devices are extremely advanced and they record data easily and efficiently so that whoever is to receive the information. It keeps a detailed record of the data it receives and judges and officials review the data. They can determine if there have been violations and take actions to prohibit further violations.

ignition interlock

If someone has been sentenced and refuses to add the interlock device in their car, and they get caught without it, then further punishment will be warranted. It’s always safest to get it out of the way so that no further financial, emotional, and physical strain can be placed on you. If you fail to have an ignition interlock device installed in your car, then jail time and heavy fines may weigh you down.

For the most cost effective and professional ignition interlock installation, come to Arizona Interlock, where we can provide you with the services you need in order to adhere to your sentence. With our many different locations, having an interlock device installed in your vehicle is affordable and easy. Contact us for more information!

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