The Story Of Arizona Interlock

Arizona Interlock was founded almost 8 years ago. Our purpose in existing as a company has always been to provide a better experience to those who have been ordered to have the interlock device placed in their vehicle. We have seen our competitor’s dream up hidden fees and surcharges, fail to innovate or improve their product, and overall not providing a level of customer service that you as a paying client would expect from your provider.

The Arizona Interlock Mission

Our mission is simple. To install every device flawlessly, on every vehicle. To maintain communication and good customer service with our clients throughout the process. To help our clients understand the in and outs of using an interlock device, so they are able to easily work the equipment while driving or when in a hurry and waiting for a car to start. We strive to provide the most affordable pricing and best devices on the markets. We aspire to have the most skilled and highly trained technicians in the industry.