We are the only interlock company in Arizona that does not use subcontractors, and that means better service. 


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    The Only Interlock Provider Offering Dashboard Flash Cube

    Part of having an interlock device is needing to test regularly as you drive. This means that you often hear your device beeping, signaling a retest. Unfortunately, all manners of things can distract one from that, from loud passengers to radios turned up, or even windows down on the highway making it tough to hear. Fortunately, Quickstart offers an optional flash cube, so in addition to hearing the signal, you will be able to see it right in front of you!


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    • Lock out OVERRIDE code capability
    • The QuickStart Interlock Device is extremely easy to use
    • Mechanic mode function
    • Voice Instructions
    • 7 Convenient Locations

    $50 Free Credit From Lyft!


    Right now, car sharing service Lyft is offering our clients a $50 free credit for using their service. DUI can mean a restricted or suspended license, and Lyft can help. Moreover, penalties for second DUI’s are very severe, and having a free credit for a ride can save your untold grief.

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    Arizona Interlock, Providing car breathalyzer Installation & Monitoring

    Arizona’s laws concerning DUI and the requirement of a blood alcohol testing device are some of the toughest in the nation. In addition to jail time and heavy fines, person’s convicted of driving under the influence can expect to be ordered by the courts to have an breath alcohol testing device placed in their car. These devices measure the alcohol levels in the drivers body by having the driver blow into a tube.

    The Most Affordable Interlock In AZ

    Arizona Interlock provides coupons to help get your interlock installed free. We know that DUI and DWI can involve harsh financial consequences, and being able to save money at any point in the process is very valuable. Currently, Arizona Interlock is providing a coupon that our clients can print out and bring in, and we will give them 35% off the first month and Free court approved dui testing device installation. So remember, if you need the cheapest ignition interlock company in AZ that also provides quality devices and great service, then Arizona Interlock is the company for you.

    Convenient Locations For Interlock Install and Monitoring

    We have 6 convenient locations around the Valley, so getting your device installed into your car and then tested and calibrated each month can be as quick and painless as possible. We have installers throughout the Phoenix Valley!

    Ignition Interlock Company Mesa

    Residents of Mesa may find that our Tempe Location or Chandler Locations are extremely convenient. A short drive from Mesa, these locations are staffed with local interlock installers who are expert in their field, and able to install the device on any car with zero fear of damage to your vehicle. Unlike other companies that use subcontractors, our car breathalyzer technicians are specialized full time interlock experts. If you need a Mesa interlock company that is headquartered near downtown Mesa, then Arizona Interlock is an excellent option for you.

    Ignition Interlock Company Chandler

    Arizona Interlock has a location in Chandler, located near the Chandler mall. Having an breath alcohol testing device installed in Chandler Arizona has never been easier. Make sure to print your coupon, call for an appointment and we will get your installation done as quick as possible, with a minimum of waiting. Located near the loop 202, on Germann, our office is convenient and close to major transportation routes, to make your appointments as easy as possible.

    Gilbert Ignition Interlock

    If you have been convicted of DUI in Gilbert, you can look forward to hefty fines, time in jail and having to have an interlock device installed in your car. This process can literally ruin lives – from losing jobs, to breaking marriages, the consequences of putting this much strain on an individual can ripple throughout their life. While we cannot mitigate all the negative consequences of the DUI, we can make having your ignition interlock device installed in our office near Gilbert as easy and quick as possible. Additionally, be sure to print out a coupon for a free install and 35% off your first month!