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Getting a DUI can really be tough on someone. Not only have you committed a crime and are being convicted, but the fines and penalties that come along with it are burdensome and stressful. Being charged with a DUI is a difficult thing to deal with. The costs of legal fees, potential loss of work, and especially the implementation of a car breathalyzer. Luckily, Arizona Interlock is your premiere Phoenix Interlock Company, and we can give you the tools you need to take steps toward a better, DUI free life. Getting your ignition interlock device installed is the first step in putting your troubles behind you.


Convenient Locations For Monthly Monitoring

If you have been charged with a DUI and are responsible for getting an ignition interlock device installed in you car, Arizona Interlock is just right for you. Having an interlock device installed in your car comes with other obligations as well. You are in charge of returning to the same location where you have had the device installed each month so that the data the device receives can be passed on to the proper channels. With convenient locations all across the valley, going to your monthly monitoring appointment is easy and efficient, so come to Arizona Interlock for your ignition interlock needs.

Affordable Phoenix Ignition Interlock Installation

Being convicted of a DUI comes with many penalties and fines that you will have to pay in order to get your life back on track. Those expenses can add up, and with the monthly fee of an ignition interlock device, plus the initial installation, finances may be tight. But with Arizona Interlock, we are Phoenix’s primary source for ignition interlock installation and maintenance. With our affordable prices, you will find no better way to turn your life around than with our excellent services. Your DUI should not bankrupt you, so check out our cost effective ignition interlock services.

Stop By One Of Our Phoenix Locations Today!

Having to attend a monthly monitoring appointment may seem like a hassle, but with Arizona Interlock, it’s easier than every. With locations all over the valley that are dedicated to providing you with the most professional and cost effective ignition interlock services, making that monthly monitoring appointment is easier than ever. Stop by one of our Phoenix locations today to check us out, and utilize our 35% off coupon for the first month, plus free installation. Arizona Interlock is here to provide you with the highest quality ignition interlock services.

Phoenix Ignition Interlock Installation Services

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